About Infants In Need, Inc. Miami, Florida

Infants In Need, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization formed in 1987 to own and develop a Children’s Center with facilities to be used by other Not for Profit Organizations with research and other programs to meet the special needs of infants and toddlers who were “at risk” due to abuse, neglect, exposure to drugs or other conditions that interfere with normal development.

The Executive Board of Infants In Need was formed, composed of dedicated business people, doctors, attorneys, judges and various other community leaders, including two former Senators and Secretary of State. These men and women share a common interest: their love of children and a recognition that the future lies in our children's hands.

The Board determined the mission of Infants In Need would be “To help the helpless, the children who cannot defend or speak for themselves, to give them hope, happiness, a sense of worth and to ensure them a childhood”.

In 1989 Infants In Need purchased a parcel of land on the corner of 15th Street and 8th Avenue, near the UM/Jackson Hospital in Miami, FL along with two apartment buildings, which were inhabited by drug users and drug dealers. This was the beginning of the fulfillment of Infants In Needs’ President, Linda Ray.

On various pages on this site you will find the history of Infants In Need’s success in changing these old apartment buildings and the land into the Linda Ray Children’s Center, so named by the Executive Board in honor of Linda Ray, whose dreams and passion for Children are being fulfilled.

The smaller 6 apartment building, was renovated and dedicated in 1990, and now houses the Pediatric Center with its program run by Miami-Dade County Um/Jackson Hospital Pediatric Department for medically dependant children.

The larger 24 apartment buildings was transformed in 1992 into the Linda Ray Intervention Center, opening in 1993. There are research programs with infants prenately exposed to crack cocaine by the University of Miami, Department of Psychology.

Board of Directors
Linda M. Ray, President   I. Stanley Levine, Esq*
Wendell E. Ray, Secretary Treasurer Senator George Firestone*
Nola Firestone Gloria Fernandez
Mary Hessen Senator Paula Hawkins*
Dr. Lynne Katz Dr. Elyse Hurtado
Dr. Keith Scott  
Dr. Sanford Ziff Judge Steven Levine*
  Dolores Ziff*

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